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M13_Spikes.jpg NGC869-884_RGB_w-spikes.jpg M15_LRGB_140-30s.jpg
M13 Globular Cluster Double Cluster in Perseus M15 Globular Cluster
M44_10mRGBs_2.jpg M13-25_1m_800.jpg M45_ADPADD18stack_1600.jpg
M44 Beehive Cluster M13 Hercules Globular Cluster M45 Open Cluster - The Pleiades
M56-LRGB-11_30sec.jpg NGC2169_Best9of21-2m-1600.jpg NGC5272_w-NGC5263.jpg
M56 Globular Cluster NGC2169 The "37 Cluster" M3 Globular Cluster
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Astro-Imaging by Michael Howell - Copyright as of Acquisition Date
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