Elevated Building Construction

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NotchingPosts0008.jpg NotchingPosts0010.jpg NotchingPosts0005.jpg NotchingPosts0014.jpg NotchingPosts0009.jpg
Aggie with a Saw! Notching 14ft 6x6 Posts Sawcuts to Chisel Chiseling the Notch All Notched & Ready
ErectingFirstPosts0001.jpg ErectingFirstPosts0003.jpg ErectingFirstPosts0004.jpg BuildingBuddies0002.jpg BuildingBuddies0004.jpg
Erecting First Posts Erecting First Posts Erecting First Posts Help Arrives Dec.26th Busy Bees at Work
BuildingBuddies0003.jpg BuildingBuddies0006.jpg BuildingBuddies0005.jpg BuildingBuddies0007.jpg Leslie&MikeContinue0011.jpg
Busy Bees at Work East Side of Observatory One More Post to Go My Crew of Helpers Adding 45 degree Bracing
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Astro-Imaging by Michael Howell - Copyright date as indicated

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