Ced214, just south of NGC7822 in Cephus (North is left)

OPTICS: NP-127 w/.8x at 528mm f/4.2
MOUNT: Mountain Instruments 250
GUIDING: ST-402ME on TMB80 f/6
FILTERS: Astrodon "E" Series TruBalance
EXPOSURE: (8)20min 6nm H-alhpa
DATE(S): Sept-Oct. 2007
LOCATION: Horizontal Heavens Observatory, Texas USA
PROCESSING: ImagesPlus, CCDSoft, PhotoshopCS2
NOTES: This Televue proprietary focal reducer (#RNP-4054 .8x) for the classic NP-127 works perfectly with
NO coma or distortions AND it basically covers the focal length of my old NP-101 (528mm vs 540mm) that I sold to
buy the NP-127 PLUS the normal focal length of the NP-127(660mm)! Got to love it, two scopes in one!

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