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05/09/2014 Storm Damage


05/09/2014 Storm Damage

Here is YouTube video of the Hail portion of the storm after the gust front blew through.  After the gust front, everything got real quiet and then the Hail started dropping.  I was beginning to think we were about ready for a tornado to hit.  After a couple of minutes and since the hail appeared to worsen, we quit filming and went inside to sit it out.


This is the West side of the upper roof  Expand the image and look at the "white lines" in the image.  Those lines are the edges of the shingles after having nearly all of the grit beat off of them from the hail.  Large amounts of grit ended up in the gutters, as seen in the next image.  The West side of the house appears to have taken the brunt of the hail damage in that many shingles were stripped of their grit, knocked loose and are falling from the more vertical side


  The large missing shingles spot is on the upper Northeast side of the house, near the very top.


Shingles are 13in tall.  Shingle-to-shingle overlap appears stretched/extended by 1-1/2in---2in.  Shingle staples missed penetrating the lower shingle laminate by nearly 2in.  This means that the only thing holding the lower laminate to the house is/was the pitch/glue used when the shingle was first manufactured.  I wonder if the Texas sun/heat basically promoted a lot of the shingle failure that the hail storm took advantage of.  In other words, it appears that sun/heat damage left the shingles in a weakened state and the hail storm didn't have to work so hard to rip them off, which it did... :-(

Besides the roof, about 500-600 sq. ft. of our decking ended up looking like a leopard with all of the pock marks where the hail stripped the staining from the wood. 


While Hail damage was documented to the ROOF of the shed by the insurance adjuster, the adjuster missed noting the Hail damage to North side of shed (CLICK Images to enlarge).   Need to file an adjustment with insurance carrier.  Note: Some of the dents in the images actually show the directional strike of the Hail from the Northwest.