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Mounting the Orion 80mm ED-APO on a 10" LX200 scope

with Losmandy Dovetail Rings & Plates

While mounting my new 80mm ED-APO I discovered a few dos and don'ts.  Check out the photos and make adjustments as needed.

Dovetail Plate Kit as it arrived including rings and counter balance

NOTE: 108mm rings are too small to allow for adjustment

Original front bracket would not fit over two outside screws on the LX200 tube so filing was required to let the bracket fit without having to remove those outside screws.  I could not see leaving four open holes in the OTA.

I do not know why Losmandy had not done this to start with.  Everything else is so well finished and executed that this puzzles me still.

Completed: This allows the OTA to remain sealed (ideal)

CLOSE FIT: When mounting the 80mm ED-APO into the rings, make sure the dovetail snugging bolt faces away from the finder scope or you will not be able to mount the finder scope later.