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(below left) Comet Lulin - One hour stream (20Mb) 3:11-4:27am CST 2/22/2009, 10fps, (56)1min LUMs @ 2100mm, 10" LX200R f/8.4 w/ST-10XME.

(below right) Comet Lulin - ST-402ME on NP-127 (660mm), tracked only, 5x1 RGBs, 3/15/2009.  I inadvertently found this in the guide scope while setting up to shoot the Eskimo Nebula and slewed to a nearby star for focusing.  Confirmed Lulin's identity via S&T charting map.  Since this was an unplanned event, it felt very much like being the first discoverer.  Comet is fading fast and is shown 19 days after closest approach to Earth.

*NOTE: Depending on your bandwidth, this file could take a couple minutes to download.  Please be patient...


(Below) Comet P-17 Holmes - NP-127, ST-402ME, 660mm, (27)10sec each RGBs w/auto-dark.  This was a quick and dirty grab right before the comet hit the meridian and I called it a night, 11/4/2007.

(Below) ISS and Shuttle Pass 10-24-2007 - Here is my attempt at shooting over my local light dome for the double pass.  The ISS was obviously much brighter than the Shuttle as they both passed just above the teapot in Sagittarius.  Just a hint of the Milky Way is visible if you look real hard.  Jupiter is in the lower right just at the tree-line.  Last image is a quick alignment that shows the parallel paths of the two spacecraft.