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FOR SALE 10in Meade LX200 EMC

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FOR SALE ------ FOR SALE *Local pick-up ONLY

I am selling a complete visual observing telescope system and extra related equipment.  Click on all the links for more information.

Hint: The best deal is at the bottom of the page, but check everything out between here and there in order to be fully informed!  ;-)

Meade 10" F/10 LX200 w/EMC coatings -- Serial No. #124215,  November 1999.-- Modifications/improvements include:

Closest "new price" 10in LX200 Meade cost found here ............... $3,499.00

Included with OEM scope package:

  •   26mm Super Plossl
  •   90 Degree Diagonal Prism #918A
  •   120v-18v Power Supply w/25ft fused cord
  •   OEM Tri-Pod

NOT INCLUDED in OEM scope package price, but offered here:

  1.   12v-18v fused Electronic DC Adapter #1812 --  .................  $85.00
  2.   1-1/4in Nebular-Broadband Filter #908B --   .....................   $79.95
  3.   Orion Basic Set of Four Color 1.25" Filters  #05514  -- .....   $49.99
  4.   Variable-Projection Tele-Extender #07348 -- .....................  $43.81
  5.   2X-3X Variable-Power Barlow Lens (1-1/4in) #127 -- ..........  $50.00
  6.   TWO Losmandy DM10 Dovetail Plates - $85x2=  .............$170.00

Observatory Class Pier -  ..................................$800.00

  •   7in diameter with 1/2in thick base with plenty of gussets for zero flex.  The 4-bolt holes in the base are squared with 9in X 9in sides and are diagonally 12in across.  All you need to do is sink your 5/8in X 12in anchor bolts in your concrete pier of at least 16in or greater diameter.  You can make your concrete pier ANY height that you want.  I made my concrete pier 10-feet tall, yep TEN FEET (but mine is in an elevated observatory).
  •   ADJUSTABLE Height -- 35in to 43in without Super wedge (wedge adds ~12in).  The pier head rotates 360 degrees and makes perfect polar alignment a snap!
  •   ADJUSTABLE Eyepiece Tray -- This tray can rotate 360 degrees around pier to your preferred location.  The tray is 1/4in thick aluminum and holds FOUR 2in + THREE 1 1/4in eyepieces.
  •   The top of the pier is sized, drilled for direct mounting of the Super Wedge.
  •   FYI, in the images of the pier actually being used in the observatory, please NOTE that the Orion spotting scope & rings, CCDs/eyepieces and counter-weights not included.  Only listed items on this "For Sale" page above are for sale/included.  Check here to see pier in use in observatory  

10" Super Wedge - upgraded for precision here  .............  $699.00

Cost of "If bought NEW" Totals:  "NEW EVERYTHING" price, NO Sales Tax, NO shipping  ... $5,476.75

...for example, Texas sales tax would ADD $452.00 by itself!  And the estimated shipping costs, who knows?  The pier alone weighs ~250-300lb, and with shipping the scope TOO, I could almost guarantee that shipping could run well north of another $500.00!   If you had to pay shipping AND Sales Tax it would cost you   $6,428.58  

OR if you paid ONLY ONE of these, Sales Tax OR shipping, we are still talking a total of... ~$6,000.00

My Offer:

Package #1 --  The 10in LX200 EMC with everything listed above EXCEPT the Super Wedge & Observatory Pier  ............... $1,400.00

Package #2 --  BOTH Super Wedge + Observatory Pier -- I am sorry, I cannot separate the wedge & pier, because pier was specifically designed for Meade Super Wedge... $700.00

Package #3 -- EVERYTHING! The whole enchilada!  $1,700.00*

* Cash only -- sold As-Is, however I will be more than happy to fire up the LX200 EMC and do a daytime pseudo go-to session to show that all is in operating condition at time of sale.  8-)

Contact seller HERE: