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Planer Table Infeed/Outfeed Support

I am just getting started with WW and wanted to start out by building the 21st Century Workbench, however, I needed to upgrade my lunchbox planer in order to plane 8-10ft lumber so I built this “planer table/ramp” following plans I saw on Woodsmith Tips:


Notice all the 8/4 White Ash in the background for the workbench project. Going to be making a lot of chips!


First Project - I wanted my first project to be the 21st Century Workbench, however, in order to cut up, joint and plane all the 8/4 lumber (look behind the planer) I needed to have the ability to plane 2in. x 10ft boards.  So, in order to do that I threw together the the quickest pseudo planer table from plans I found on Woodsmith Tips: http://www.woodworkingtips.com/etips/2007/10/12/sn/print/

Lacking a truly flat bench to clamp this to, I just weight the "table" down with several 5 &10 weight plates and then "tune" the infeed and outfeed ramps to how/where the table is placed on the concrete floor of the shop.  If/when this gets moved, I am sure I would need to re-tweak the ramps.  While this is not the best solution, it gets me started with other projects and who knows, this may work so well that I might just keep it this way.  After all, once the planer is removed the 3/4" ply table could be stood on end and leaned up against a shop wall (I have 9ft walls) or on its side behind other equipment, etc.