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     My Very First Telescope (click)  This was back in the late 1950s to around 1960.                          MI-250 Gem Mount Page (click)

Here you will find out about all things for the Mountain Instruments MI-250

(Left & Above) My latest imaging setup - 

  • Mountain Instruments 250 GEM mount page click MI-250 Page 
  • TMB 80/480 Carbon Tube Super APO
  • Televue NP-127 f/5.2 Flatfield Astrograph
  • 10" LX200R Ritchey-Chrétien OTA - Fully Flocked Flocking LX200
  • ST-10XME w/CFW10 filter wheel
  • ST-402 w/RGB filter wheel autoguider & imager
  • Assorted Nagler eyepieces for visual

I added an additional 3-point ring to the TMB80/480 in order to steady/handle the extra weight of the CCD and reducer.


(TOP) SBIG ST-10XME w/CFW10(Astrodon LRGB plus Ha,SII, & OIII)

(BOTTOM) SBIG ST-402ME with LRGB filter Wheel 

My older setup with Televue NP101 APO piggybacked on 10"LX200

My older setup with TMB 80/480 Carbon APO w/SBIG ST-10XME & SBIG ST-402ME on 10"LX200

12mm, 17mm, 22mm, 31mm Nagler Eyepieces -- Televue Enhanced 2" Diagonal

Filters: 2" Lumicon Deep Sky Broadband & UHC Narrowband, 1 1/4" Broadband

Plossls: 9.7mm, 26mm, 32mm, 12mm Astrometric Illuminated

Focal Reducers: Meade 6.3 and 3.3      Meade Variable Polarizer for Moon Meade Variable Projection Tele-Extender T-Adapter

Meade ZOOM 8-24mm      45 degree Erect Prism Eyepiece Holder

Losmandy Dovetail System -- Ring Mounts and Counter-Balance

Canon 300D Digital Rebel w/512mb CF memory card

100ft CAT5 to USB Repeater works great even with another 20ft added!  This allows me to focus and download images remotely using either DSLR Focus or ImagesPlus software.

100ft Parallel Port Cable with added 20ft works to allow extended exposure control from my PC in the house using either DSLR Focus or ImagesPlus software.