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My Old Navy Pictures From 1974

E/IC Division 1974 WestPac Cruise

1. Ross Holvey (EM) 2. Brett Potter (EM) 3. Steven D. Howard (IC) 4. Danny B. Perez (EM) 5. Jobe "Corporal" McClellan (EM)
6. Samuel J. Chiancola (IC) *deceased 7. Ralph Jon Westre (EM) 8. Terry Leroy Schiedler (EM1) 9. Bobby G. Howard (IC1) 10.John Paul Cook (IC)
11. Patrick C. Lovetro (IC) 12. Eldon Luverne Flaig (EM) 13. Samuel Dexter White (EM) 14. Michael Allen Howell (EM) 15. Mike Bradley (IC)

(me) Mike Howell w/ Gary Mielke (HE Div. in bkgd) -- Mike Howell -- My Approved Leave Chit in Olongapo, Philippines for 6 Days!  I even got to miss ship's movement, and that was a big thing! Last image is my apartment in Oakland, CA


USS Wabash in Alameda, CA July-Aug 1975 -- Sam Chiancola, Johnnie Westre, & Bob Martinez -- Wabash Personnel Boats -- Oil Station Sasebo, Japan


Downtown Olongapo, Philippines! Which Bar Was Your Favorite? I hung out at the Zanzibar quite a bit.

Grande Island, Philippines! I remember Sam White getting roasted by the sun while snorkeling and all the good beer after a swim. -- Found our favorite PI beer (sign) in Hong Kong.

Terry Schiedler & Pat Lovetro -- Steve Howard & Terry Schiedler


Eldon Flagg & Gary Mielke -- Sam White -- Lowering boats -- Crane along side


Johnnie Westre -- Brett Potter -- Pat Lovetro & ?__


Johnnie Westre -- Brett Potter, Danny Perez, & more UnRep Crew -- Brett Potter


Sam White -- Underway Bridge -- Underway Bridge, LTJG Ahrens and Lt Harsh in ctr. (need help identifying others on bridge)


Steak and Lobster for Crew while heading back to the States from WestPac 1974

Abner Fernandez -- Lt Harsh (Weapons Off.) testing cable chair -- Gary Dugger


Captains Boat Crew -- AOR5-1 Crew Boat -- more UnRep Crew


Mike Howell & "Rickshaw" Pat Lovetro -- Wabash Paintjob Hong Kong -- Dave Van Hall at Ground Zero Nagasaki

POL Oil Station Sasebo, Japan -- Ross Holvey -- Helicopter UnRep underway

The Lost Knight bar in Alameda (next 5 images), a favorite watering hole for many on the Wabash.  I think these pictures were taken at a Machinist's Mate's unofficial retirement party, but I am not sure,  .  He is in the first image and is in the center of the three who are standing.  Need help ID-ing all remaining images below.

Unknown Wabash Sailors -- Eldon Flagg -- Unknown, Unknown, Mike Howell