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05/09/2014 Storm Damage


(Below Left) M42 Orion - ST10-XME, 10"LX200 w/6.3FR, Ha (7)2min + 15sec X (29)R, (29)G, (34)B, 10/8/2005.

(Below Right) M42 Orion, Running Man Nebula,  Flame, and Horse Head Wide Field - Canon 70-200mm f2.8L at 100mm @ f4.0, (51)4min, 400ISO.  Widefield12/12/04.  Flame, Horse Head, Running Man, & Orion all layered in from additional images taken earlier.


(Below Left) M42 Orion and Running Man Nebula - 80ED w/6.3FR at F4.7,  ISO 1600, (10) 30sec, (10) 1min, (10) 2min.  Sub-stacks Adaptive Add then layers to bring out center of Orion nebula. 3/9/2004

 (Below Right) M42 and Running Man - 80mmED-APO, F7.5, ISO 1600, (9) 3min.   Two things are different about this image: 1.) Without the Focal Reducer the image magnified and has a narrower field of view, and 2.) The inner core of Orion is overexposed--the left image layered shorter exposures to regain the detail in the core that the right image has lost.


(Below Left ) M42 Orion's Nebula (MY FIRST ATTEMPT) --10" LX200 w/6.3 FR, 300D Camera, ISO1600, (12) 30sec, (7) 2min, Images Plus-combine, gaussian blur, curves.  12/19/2003 NOTES: This image tracked on LX200, but unguided.  At this time I think most of error is in tracking.